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Don’t view acupuncture as a luxury when you don’t bat your eye at a $7 latte

“Restoration is key to your health and performance! Do you look at your body as a high end sport car or an old beater…? Many people view acupuncture as a luxury but not their $7.00 Starbucks latte or $500 hand bag. Your health is everything in this world and truly the only thing you really own. We need to reprioritize our health and maintenance needs… you only get one life make it count. Amy Landolt aids my recovery needs every 1-2 weeks. Without her and Dr. Jon Sebby ART Specialist and Chiropractor, I am unable to train and live at my fullest potential. Surround yourself with the best specialists and coaches! Money well spent believe me….
Amy is incredible at what she does. Her knowledge and environment set her apart. She extremely passionate about helping others through pain or restrictions/limitations. I own CrossFit Impact in Glenview, IL and I refer all of my clients to her for recovery and restoration. She is a person you can trust with your health! Thank you Amy!” Carlos Montoya, owner of Crossfit Impact
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