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Better sleep testimonials – June 2015-June 2016

sleep testimonialThe challenge I was facing that led me to get acupuncture was insomnia.  I actually found Amy’s post while surfing the web at around 3 am.   What the treatments of acupuncture and herbs did for me were to loosen some emotional knots that became physical knots.  My sleep improved right away and after a few weeks, I also felt the ‘lightening up’ of the physical weights.  The results are subtle, but powerful and unlike most medications have no side effects. ” Ellen, Executive Recruiter

“I came to acupuncture to improve sleep as recommended by my sleep doctor. With a combination of acupuncture, yoga and meditation, my sleep improved and now I can workout/run longer than before because of increased energy.” Helen Bildires, Investigator
“I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, not being able to fall asleep or if I did, couldn’t stay asleep.  It was horrible. After just a few treatments, I’m getting a good night’s rest, which is so important for our brains! I have clarity of thought and I no longer feel like I’m walking around in a fog all day.” Cathy Schager, Owner of Catherine Schager
“I was experiencing insomnia which fueled my anxiety.  I located Amy through Thumbtack.  She used a combination of herbs for sleep and anxiety and acupuncture.  It took several visits to see an improvement in my sleep. Currently, I am more physically active, so combined with acupuncture, I am getting enough rest at night.  I continue to see Amy on a monthly basis.”  C.P.  Administrative Assistant

“I now get a good night’s sleep five nights a week. I even slept well the night of the full moon which is unheard of for me.” Becky Rohloff, Certified Reflexologist

“I was surprised by how quickly my body responded to the treatments… I …sleep better and feel far better than I did before seeing Amy.” M.G., Attorney
“Amy, specializes in sleep issues, which I don’t really have, but she gave me a little boost for sleep, and I sleep more soundly and rarely even wake up during the night, this was an added bonus!!” Sheri P, Conjugate Fitness Athlete
“I have several very real and measurable outcomes that I can directly attribute to acupuncture. I credit higher quality and quantity sleep to it. ” Lisa Sparrow, CEO

“I can’t believe how good I slept! I’m ready to go again!” Karla Brewer, Crossfit Athlete

“I actually slept through the night. Usually my eyes open on their own at 2am but I actually woke up at 4:55am – which made me very happy. Felt very rested.” Rachel Canning, Managing Partner

“Amy, never did I think sticking 5 needles in my ear would help me sleep so soundly…thanks so much!” Michael Cho, Executive Vice President

“I can’t express enough the amazing benefits I felt when I experienced acupuncture in combination with the Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil hormonal treatment.  For the next two days, I felt more grounded and calm, and slept phenomenally!” Lisa Skripps, Teacher

“Acupuncture has helped me find calm during these times and restore my sleep. I am grateful to have found Amy! “, Dr. Ewa Schafer, M.D.

“After a few visits with Amy my life changed. My back pain improved dramatically, my sleeping improved and I even noticed I had better concentration at work.” Dean Bushala, Producer, Cinematographer & Director

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