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Anxiety no longer controls life

image1“I had crippling anxiety that I thought for sure would always to continue to dictate the way I live my life. I have been completely blown away by my progress. I find myself going about my day with much more ease and with much less inhibition. I haven’t had a severe panic attack in nearly a month (as long as I’ve been having acupuncture) and I have been much less irritable. I have been kinder to myself, taking on more small responsibilities at work that seemed so overwhelming before. I no longer have the regular jaw/head stress aches that I was always having from clenching my teeth due to stress.
Amy is warm and wonderful! She made me feel comfortable right away. She always gives a layman terms explanation to each of the points she accesses. She also sends me email links for helpful and positive information/products/events.
I’ve tried many different medications for anxiety and, though some of them have helped, acupuncture has helped me in a different way. I feel calm and peaceful. I am very grateful.” Kristen Steinhilber, Dog Groomer