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Acupuncture prevents avid bowler from retiring his ball

“I have had chronic back problems for years. I am a avid hard core bowler and a high school coach.  I had just about made up my mind to give up bowling. The everyday pain was just to much for me to bowl competitively.  Acupuncture saved me, I was really down to , if this doesn’t work, I’m done, time to hang it up. I’m 64 years old, an old school athlete ( play with pain ). I’m now without pain and able to function everyday and just feel good!
I love working with Amy, she makes you feel so relaxed and at ease. I was a little afraid of having needles put in my back, but she made it easy and after the first time it never crossed my mind again. Friends see my movements and ask, man what’s going on, you’re walking and looking so much better. I recommend her all the time, cause my experience was amazing.    Thank you!!” Sugar Ray Austin
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