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Acupuncture Helped Eliminate Medication (with physician consent)

11800253_10207734076008979_137548220090932707_n“After living with the complications of polycystic kidney disease for most of my life I was tired of taking medications and never feeling healthy. So I looked for a more holistic route of treatment for my disease. I set up my first appointment for acupuncture with Amy, she took the time to interview and fully evaluate my situation and we developed a treatment plan together. Amy explained exactly what she was treating with each acupuncture needle and what to expect after treatment I could not believe the difference after one treatment. I have continued with regular sessions since and even eliminated some of my prescription medication (with the consent of my physician). Now I know this can all sound great and wonderful but the icing on the cake is due to life throwing me a curveball I had to miss several sessions with Amy and the difference of treatment versus no treatment is day and night. I couldn’t wait to resume treatment! One hour of acupuncture is priceless compared to the discomfort, medication, pain, and general dis-ease of living without treatment.” Jennifer Erhardt
Note from Amy: You should never discontinue medications or modify dosage without reviewing with your physician as Jen did.