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Acupuncture Assists with Grieving a Loss

imageI initially came in for acupuncture for emotional reasons.  I was having trouble going through a major transition and loss in my life and I was hoping that acupuncture would be able to help relieve some stress and help me move forward and let go of my past.  On top of that I had had trouble with my right knee for about 3 years.  I had injured it minorly, but it never healed properly.  I had been to physical therapy for it, which had helped, but I still felt pain pretty much every day.  The pain didn’t stop me from doing activities, but it never went away and I had just accepted that my knee would be in minor pain constantly for the rest of my life, and hoped that it would not get worse with time.

After weekly treatments of acupuncture I am in a much better place today.  I have been able to become more at peace with myself and I feel like my energy is much more healthy.  I have been able to make large strides toward working on myself and my emotional health, I feel much more balanced since my treatments.  My attitude has been more positive since my treatments than it has been for many years.  My knee is also almost completely free of pain.  I now feel absolutely no pain most days with just occasional flare ups.  When I do have flare ups, it can be relieved usually immediately with an acupuncture treatment.
I went into acupuncture as a skeptic.  I didn’t really understand how getting stuck with a bunch of needles could help you physically, let alone emotionally, but I was in a pretty dark place and Amy came highly recommended.  I am so glad that I decided to try it.  I really do believe it has helped me find an emotional “zen” if you will.  My knee pain was really an afterthought, but it has brought more relief than I ever would have imagined.  Amy is so great and receptive.  She is always going out of her way to help find solutions to any problem I may have.  She is innovative and works to incorporate other modalities with her treatments to enhance wellbeing.  I have loved going to some of the acupuncture group sessions done with guided meditation, they bring a new level of awareness.  Amy is open to trying new things and is receptive to feedback.  She goes out of her way to try to make you comfortable and brings such a positive energy to sessions.  Amy offers an emotional openness and acceptance that makes the physical treatments so much more comforting.  I would highly recommend getting acupuncture treatments with Amy to anyone who is experiencing mental or physical health issues, she’s great!” Elise M, Foundation Director