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Acupuncture helps manage cravings for alcohol

” I returned to acupuncture treatments, this time, for alcohol cravings. I was surprised by how quickly my body responded to the treatments. After my first treatment with Amy, I no longer craved liquor. Now, I am working with her to eliminate my cravings for wine.  I drink less, sleep better and feel far better than I did before seeing Amy.
Amy is exceptionally knowledgeable about not only traditional Chinese medicine, but alternative treatments in general.  She is a great listener and relates to me with kindness and no judgment. She is a healer who addresses clients’ concerns until they are comfortable with her protocol. Unlike various new agey practitioners, she lives in the real world.  Amy understands that health struggles, whether they relate to addiction or not, are complex and challenging.” M.G., Attorney
Note from Amy: Acupuncture is not a “stand-alone” therapy for addictions. The combined application of acupuncture with counseling, education, medical support and self-help groups such as AA and NA enhances opportunities for success.