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Ray Charles

Dr. Ray Charles



Dr. Ray Charles is a best-selling author and speaker, and travels the globe training leaders, and future leaders, on Righteous Leadership.

Since 1993, at a time when the word “coach” was, generally, only associated with sports or executive coaching, Dr Ray has been a faithful pioneer in the field of spiritual coaching –  coaching leaders including: business, civic, government, clergy and, sports and entertainment leaders to lead from a position of righteousness.

What is your bedtime ritual?

I pray with my Mom (my all time hero). Even when I’m oversea, I try to sync my natural and body clock to commit to this night (bed time ritual). Especially with the passing of my Dad, this is so, SO important. I then pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the past day before I go to bed.
What do you do during the day that has the biggest impact (positive or negative) on your sleep?
I work on FOCUS.
I do this by having a mindfulness of What is my Have to | My Plan To |Other people’s Want to| Other people’s wish to. That keeps me in a state of calm so that at night once I decide to go to asleep, I am asleep in less than 2 minutes.
In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your sleep?
What God has already written on my heart and mind is enough. I no longer judge myself based on performance (which is based on my self effort and work). Instead I walk out from my place of victory as opposed to striving for victory. That, by itself makes me sleep good at night.
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