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What maintenance is required after I feel better?

Acupuncture in the Park in Minnesota has summarized the 6 reasons you should get acupuncture regularly:

  1. Prevention – an acupuncturist can notice patterns based on minor annoyances, and correct them before they become major problems.
  2. Proactively heading off a known problem – getting treatment in advance of seasonal allergies
  3. Improved energy
  4. Strengthening your immune system
  5. Keeping your body systems working effectively
  6. Stress relief – Acupuncture in the Park agrees with my client in this testimonial video, if your family would describe your current mood as irritable and on edge, it’s time for acupuncture.

For most clients, we recommend coming in for an acupuncture treatment quarterly, preferably with the change of seasons. However, based on constitution, chronic health issues and lifestyle,  some clients may need monthly maintenance and others may be able to come every 6 months. Clients can decrease the amount of maintenance required by avoiding processed foods, getting regular sleep, and maintaining a regular meditation and yoga practice.

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