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Putting My Oxygen Mask on First – Snow in April, Suffering is Optional

After some gorgeous sunny days with birds and butterflies, I had settled into spring. I struggled with the wind and hail on Wednesday and now SNOW accumulation today. This weather is a teacher – and since global warming is real and I live in Chicago – it is time for me to pull up a chair and learn my lesson. I continue to struggle with causing myself suffering by resisting what is – when my resistance is futile.

The weather is teaching me that everything passes – sunny days, windy days, rainy days. We should just be present with what is now knowing that it won’t last. It is also teaching me that wallowing in my disappointment about the cold is only causing me unnecessary suffering. And that “wallowing” is just thoughts, and I have power to change my thoughts. My meditation training is practice at not getting caught up in my thoughts; my gratitude practice is about shifting my focus.
And so, I went for my walk in the woods today, and was present to the snowfall. And enjoyed the solitude and the fat fluffy snowflakes and the warmth of my boots…and later this week, I will try to do the same with the rain.
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