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Northshore Acupuncture at The Bodhi Heart Center in Schaumburg on Saturdays

meme1-happybodyCurious about acupuncture? Grab your friends and come to the Bodhi Heart Center in Schaumburg for a complimentary tune-up!

Benefits include:

  • Increased calmness,
  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma,
  • Better sleep,
  • A discovery of inner quiet and strength, and
  • A general balancing treatment


How: You will be treated in a group, sitting up in chairs, fully clothed. Amy will place up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear.

When: Saturday,  August 29th at 9:30am

Where: The Bodhi Heart Center, 830 E Higgins Rd, Suite 112, Schaumburg

Call North shore Acupuncture Center at 815-814-1319 or email to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

What are our Acupuncture Tune-Up participants saying?

I can’t believe how good I slept! I’m ready to go again!Karla Brewer

Amy, never did I think sticking 5 needles in my ear would help me sleep so soundly…thanks so much!” Michael Cho

“I actually slept through the night. Usually my eyes open on their own at 2am but I actually woke up at 4:55am – which made me very happy. Felt very rested.” Rachel Canning

“Feel calm and great peace of mind this morning. Just went for a run and it felt easy!” Andrea Godfread Brown


Meet Amy

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