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Laura Pryzby

Laura Pryzby



Laura Pryzby is an intuitive healing practitioner and teacher who was guided through experiences with her highly sensitive children, to wake up to the highly sensitive being within herself. Her work includes private energy healing sessions and training classes for adults,
children, teens, and families. She also offers animal communication and energy healing for companion animals. Laura is a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET, Healing with the Energy of Angels) Instructor, Certified Health Coach and a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association.

What is your bedtime ritual?

My bedtime ritual was very inconsistent for many years when my kids were younger.  However, after being told by a doctor that a solid,
regular sleep routine might help reduce the number of migraines I was experiencing at the time, I was determined to make the change.  It helped that my kids were older and more independent, too. My sleep routine starts earlier in the day.  I sleep best and wake up fewer times during the night if I finish eating earlier in the evening.  I stop eating between 6-7pm to give my body time to digest and prepare to rest for the night.  I take magnesium in the evening, as well, to help my body relax and also make sure I get enough of this vital mineral. I keep the lights dim in the evening (this helps prepare the brain for sleep) and move upstairs between 8:30-9pm, as I enjoy spending time resting in bed before falling asleep. My sleep environment is a significant part of my ritual. I use salt lamps in the bedroom to create a warm, cozy glow. I have a small earthing mat in the bed by my feet to help with grounding, and I keep a small fan running to serve as white noise and keep the air circulating and cool. As I get into bed, I apply Pure Haven Foot Therapy Cream, then I place frankincense oil by my heart center and third eye. The last thing I do before turning off my phone is to read my
daily lesson from A Course in Miracles, meditating briefly to set the words and energy in my mind before sleep.  I put on a sleep mask, rest my hands on my heart and abdomen, and give myself Reiki and say prayers as I fall asleep. If I wake up at night, I will return to repeating a mantra or prayers, and giving myself Reiki, to help me fall back asleep before my mind starts winding up.  Finally, my sleep routine has a bookend – I aim to be asleep by 9:30pm and wake up the same time every day, around 5:30am, even on the weekends.  If I have the chance I may stay in bed longer, but I have found that keeping this regular schedule has made a big difference in my overall well-being – and has, in fact, helped reduce my migraines!
In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your sleep?
The biggest thing that has helped my sleep is getting bright lights out of the bedroom.  Around the same time I was given a new clock a few years ago, I noticed I was having trouble sleeping. I made the connection to the bright blue numbers on the clock and unplugged it to see if that helped.  I was back to sleeping soundly right away.  I purchased a new clock that has an adjustable brightness setting. I have it set to the lowest setting and have added a tinted plastic film over the numbers to make it even dimmer.  I have the clock nearby if I want to check the time, but keep it on the floor, further away from my head.
If you have had a particularly challenging day and your normal bedtime routine isn’t enough for you to fall asleep, what do you try
On the days when my normal routine isn’t enough, I use Hylands Calms Forte Sleep Aid, a homeopathic remedy that works well for me. I will also add some slow, deep breathing and listen to a guided meditation. I love the Insight Timer App, and there are lots of options on there as well as YouTube.  While I prefer not to use my phone when I fall asleep, in this case, I find the benefit I get from the meditation outweighs the cons.  If possible I will use a meditation I have downloaded, so that I can have the phone on airplane mode, off wifi.  Otherwise, I turn off the phone as I catch myself dozing off. However, all that said, if the timing is right, I sometimes indulge in watching my favorite HGTV show, House Hunters International – I always fall asleep before the end, dreaming of living in beautiful places around the world.  My husband helps by turning off the TV for me…
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