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Give the gift of health

holidayThis holiday season give an EXPERIENCE instead of more things. Research shows that people who spent money on experiences instead of things were happier and felt their money was better spent. Give someone you love who has been putting up with pain, anxiety and/or sleep issues the gift of their health SUPPORTING their ability to live full out.

Bonus side effects may include:

  1. Improved sleep;
  2. More energy;
  3. Mental clarity;
  4. Reduction in pain;
  5. Sense of calm and well-being;
  6. Confidence in your body’s ability to function “normally”; and,
  7. Acceptance of your body and the “real you”…imperfections and all.

Purchase a gift certificate for acupuncture, cupping and/or essential oil treatments.

To purchase, send an email to with a phone number for us to call to get your credit card information or call 815.814.1319.

For stocking stuffer ideas, pick up one (or several) Amazonite healing diffuser bracelets and check out our doTERRA essential oil gift guide. Some of these items are available at our practice.

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