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Connecting To The Community: Howard

14138144_1119167768160660_427705398272147565_oOne key part of your health is your connection to your community. And one way to connect with your community is to get involved and give back. Each Saturday, we feature different ways members of the Northshore Acupuncture Center community are rolling up their sleeves and giving back.

This week we are featuring Howard‘s involvement with the Rotary Club of Skokie Valley.

With a tag line of “having fun while doing good for the community”, it’s not surprising that the Rotary provides lots of opportunities to serve the community throughout the year including participating in the quarterly soup kitchen service project, volunteering at the combined Rotary/Chamber of Commerce Taste of Skokie event, selling water/soda to raise money for the Park District at the Festival of Cultures, selling holiday plants to benefit local not-for-profits, flipping pancakes at the annual pancake breakfast, and many more. If you are interested in joining the Rotary, call  847-675-5307 and ask for Albert or complete this online inquiry and someone will reach out to you.
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